The natural world is a wonderful field of endless research for all those who, like me, have always been curious to know more.
Pencils and brushes are the tools I have chosen for my research.
I carefully observe plants through the seasons and love portraying the harmony of shape, color and function they reveal at each stage of their life.
Plants can age gracefully and every year rediscover the freshness of childhood. These “silent sisters which do not experiment and do not discuss” keep the secret of life concealed within the “refined, minute and quick-witted chemistry” they invented two or three billion years ago.
Besides wanting to give shape to my emotions, the main goal of my paintings is to highlight the leading role played by plants in the environment we all live in and to promote a deeper awareness of the incredible but fragile complexity of life on Earth.
Creating a sense of wonder is, to my mind, the most powerful subject and offers a first step towards gaining respect for such a world”.

Quotations from:
Primo Levi (The Periodic Table)
Cédric Pollet (Bark – An Intimate Look at the World’s Trees)


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