Copia di Locandine Mantova

My watercolors and Elisabetta Pastorino‘s etchings are on display at the Arianna Sartori Gallery in Mantova.

April 22 – May 11 2017



April 8 – May 6 – June 3

Pietralavezzara (GE), Posto Tappa dell’Alta Via dei Monti Liguri

Copia di Locandina aggiornata laboratori Bricco 2017

During the three workshops  we will follow the spring- flowering on the nearby Bricco Carlo.


May 27 – 28

Irresistible cherries

Their bright red skin is so tempting…also for our brushes!

At the Studio Arti Floreali in Rome.


September 9

The annual meeting with late-summer colors  in the Capanne di Marcarolo Natural Reserve will take place at Palazzo Baldo, Lerma (AL).